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Peak 301 techno;ogy is an eco-friendly solution that offers roof replacement option

Built From Soybeans.
Made To Be Harmless.

All-natural, non-toxic, and sustainable in design. 

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The Science Behind Fresh Roof

An asphalt shingle that demonstrates roof replaceent technology
Starts at the Surface

Fresh Roof starts at the surface of each shingle to create a membrane that stretches across your entire roof and helps protect against the elements, season after season.

Penetrating & Triggering Chemical Reactions

But this science is more than skin deep. Fresh Roof's formula is designed to penetrate the different pockets within each shingle’s unique molecular makeup.

As it soaks into those pockets, Fresh Roof triggers chemical reactions inside the shingle’s asphalt components to target the existing effects of age, weather and wear.

An asphalt shingle that demonstrates roof replaceent technology
An asphalt shingle that demonstrates roof replaceent technology
Creating an resilient surface

The chemical reactions work together to create – shingle by shingle, molecule by molecule – a roof that’s truly transformed under the microscope and even looks renewed to the naked eye.

The Benefits

Ready To Hit The Reset Button?

The average application cost is only $1600

At Fresh Roof, we understand that your roof is more than just a shelter. It’s a reflection of your property and an important part of your home’s overall wellbeing. That’s why we specialize in roof rejuvination. We work hard to provide an efficient and cost-effective service that will improve the look and functionality of your roof without breaking the bank.What’s more, we are passionate about providing an environmentally friendly service. We make sure that all of our materials and methods are sustainable and safe for the environment. With Fresh Roof, you can feel good about helping the planet and your pocket.

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